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Vendor : Handi Foil Of America       Results [9]
Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
N89661PDFCompanionsFoil-Standard Weight,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of America 
N85920PDFCompanionsFoil-Heavy Duty,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of America 
30337N/ACompanions@Foil-60 Guage,1000X121ROLL1000Handi Foil Of America 
N88365PDFCompanionsFoil Wrap-Interfold,12"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of America 
N88915PDFCompanionsFoil Sheets-Quilted 9"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of America 
31355N/AHandi-Foil@Aluminum Pie Pan,9 Inch,Rnd1200 CT200Handi Foil Of America 
80150N/AHfaSteam Pan-Foil,Deep,Full Size150 CT50Handi Foil Of America 
80153N/AHandi Foil@Steam Pan-Foil,1/3 Size1200 CT200Handi Foil Of America 
31322N/AJiffy Foil@Full Size Steam Tbl Pan Lid150CT50Handi Foil Of America