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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
30055N/AJet-Puffed@Marshmallows1812Z14Kraftheinz Dry/Ref 
30060N/AJet-Puffed@Jumbo Marshmallows81.5#192Kraftheinz Dry/Ref 
06283PDFKraftCool Whip1216Z12Kraftheinz Retail Frozen 
40318PDFDawn Foods@Chocolate Chip Dough 1.33Z1801.33Z180Dawn Food Products,Inc 
40276N/ALuigi's@Mango Italian Ice Tube 4Z124 CT24J&J Snak Food Corp 
40991N/AFunnel Cke@Funnel Cake Fries 4"1600 CT600J&J Snak Food Corp 
05796PDFChf Pierre@Cherry Pie 10"646Z48Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
40028N/AChf Pierre@Cherry Pie-Lattice,8 Slc, 10"62.13#48Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
40496N/AChf Pierre@Blueberry Hi Pie-Unbaked 10"610"6Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
40488PDFChf Pierre@Caramel Applenut Hi Pie 10"651Z48Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
40487PDFChf Pierre@Rhubarb Hi Pie 10"647Z48Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
05655PDFChf PierreLemon Meringue Layer Cream Pie410"32Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
40015N/AChf Pierre@Coconut Creme Pie410"172Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
06116PDFChf PierreVariety Pack Cream Pie410"32Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
05631PDFChf Pierre@Gourm Coconut Meringue Hi Pie410"32Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
05609N/AChf PierrePie Shell-Unbaked, 10"120 CT20Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
05846PDFWick'sBaked Sugar Cream Pie 9"632Z6Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
05749PDFWick'sBaked Pecan Pie 9"632Z6Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
05512PDFWick'sRaw Pie Shell 9"118 CT18Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
05527N/AWicks@Baked Pie Shell-Twin Pack 9"122 CT24Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
05523PDFWick'sRaw Deep Dish Pie Shell 9"118 CT18Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
05608PDFWick'sRaw Pie Shell 10"118 CT18Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
05957PDFWick'sRaw Dough Sheet 10" (Pie Lid)124 CT24Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
40509PDFWick's@Raw Pie Shells-8"118 CT18Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
40511PDFWick's@Raw Dough Circles-6" (Lids)172 CT72Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
40505PDFWick's@Raw Pie Shells-4"196 CT96Wick's Pies Inc. Fs/F 
40212N/ABest Maid@Sugar Cookie Dough,2Z1802Z180Best Maid Cookie Company 
40038N/APep Farms@Apple Dumplings2412Z288Campbell Foodservice Froz 
30856N/AClown@Vanilla Icing Packets1982Z198Clown Global Brands 
06006N/ASweetsourcMondo Chocolate Cake 3Lyr 9"280Z28Dianne's Fine Desserts 
06007N/ASweetsourcMagnificent Carrot Cake-3Lyr296Z28Dianne's Fine Desserts 
06010N/ASweetsourcLemon Italian Creme Cake266Z28Dianne's Fine Desserts 
05848N/ADianne's@Choc Molten Lava Cake 6.72Z246.72Z24Dianne's Fine Desserts 
06012N/ASweetsourcFudge Brownie-No Nut,Sliced296Z48Dianne's Fine Desserts 
05315N/ASweetsourcMini Cheesecake Collection1051.2Z105Dianne's Fine Desserts 
06002N/ASweetsourcNy Style Cheesecake-14 Sl,10"270Z28Dianne's Fine Desserts 
06005N/ASweetsourcSalted Caramel Cheesecake 10"270Z28Dianne's Fine Desserts 
06011N/ASweetsourcTiramisu Tray275Z150Dianne's Fine Desserts 
R04260N/ADessert WkApple Butter Crumb Bar 3Dys124 CT24Dilgard Misc 
40054N/ARisebaking@Puff Pastry 10X15 Dough Sheet115#240Dot Foods Frozen 
40001N/AGd Ol Days@Cherry Cobbler46#384Dot Foods Frozen 
40003N/AGd Ol Days@Peach Cobbler45#320Dot Foods Frozen 
06203N/AGd Ol DaysPeach Cobbler-Ready To Bake25#160Dot Foods Frozen 
06201N/AGd Ol DaysApple Cobbler-Ready To Bake25#160Dot Foods Frozen 
06202N/AGd Ol DaysCherry Cobbler-Ready To Bake25#160Dot Foods Frozen 
40030N/AHopes@Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough1282.50Z320Dot Foods Frozen 
40036N/ADavid's@Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough1282.50Z320Dot Foods Frozen 
30454N/AH&H@Cream Cheese Icing-Pail120#320Dot Foods - Dry 
30461N/ABrill@Sticky Bun Smear-Pail, 21#1PAIL336Dot Foods - Dry 
30601N/ABrill@Cinnamon Smear-Pail,15#1PAIL240Dot Foods - Dry