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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
40971PDFSmithfieldBackribs Sknls Indiv 2.75#133# RW528Smithfield Packaged MeatsClose Out 
M06409N/ACarnadoChckn Parmesan Calzone126Z12Smithfield Packaged MeatsClose Out 
M06703PDFCloudThe Cloud Burger 5-1115#75Rochester Meat CompanyClose Out 
30533N/ACompanions@@Gloves-Latex,Lt Pwdr,Large4100 CT400HandgardsClose Out 
M06231N/ADans PrizeNatural Pulled Beef25.5# RW176Heritage Premium MeatsOn SpecialClose Out
87051PDFScrubbleGriddle Screens-Aluminum Oxide1020 CT200Rj SchinnerClose Out 
85514N/AP/LPaper Cup-Cold Drink, 22Z2050 CT1000Rj SchinnerClose Out 
M06303N/AA-ZSuper Juicy Burger Patty 2-1115#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
M06507PDF1St PlaceGround Beef Patty 5-1 (165-Dr)110#50A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
M07202PDFA-ZTexas Style Pork Rib 2X2 (250)112#192A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
M06504PDFA-ZBreaded Pizza Patty 4.4Z (296)18.25#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
89128PDFElkay PlasPoly Bag-Clr,Wicketed,12X16X411000 CT1000R3 IndianapolisClose Out 
89096PDFBerry PlasPoly Bag-Bun Pan,21X6X35"1200 CT1000R3 IndianapolisClose Out 
85225PDFPrime SrcPoly Bag-Bakery,1Ml 5.5X4X29"11000 CT1000R3 IndianapolisClose Out 
86875PDFP/LGlassine Bag-6X3.5X1311000 CT1000R3 IndianapolisClose Out 
89839PDFSauerImitation Maple Flavor616Z96C.F. Sauer FoodserviceClose Out 
85004PDFDawn FoodsDonut Box-10X6.5X3.5 "Deserve"1200 CT200Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
05946PDFHigh LinerHaddie Bites .6Z110#267High Liner FoodsClose Out 
05565N/ACrispycoatCrisp On Delivery Fry 1/2"65#480Lamb Weston Sales, IncClose Out 
05562PDFLamb WestnSeasoned Seashore-Style Flats65#480Lamb Weston Sales, IncClose Out 
06708PDFLamb WestnWaffled Hash Browns166 CT96Lamb Weston Sales, IncClose Out 
30124N/AP/LPineapple Sliced-Nat Juice #106#10704Nemco Food Trading Co IncClose Out 
80306N/ATrainaBlack Mission Figs-Dried15#80Sugar Foods CorpClose Out 
77727PDFGlossonHand Soap-Tidyfoam Antimicrob61000 ML6All Chem Solutions-ProductsClose Out 
80013N/ABafPotato Tot Mix815.5Z124Basic American FoodsClose Out 
30476N/APaceMild Picante Sauce-Retail Pack1216Z192Campbell FoodserviceClose Out 
89016N/ADartPaper Container-White,16Z2025 CT500Dart Container CorporationClose Out 
89231PDFDartCup Lid-Clr,For 16 & 24Z10100 CT1000Dart Container CorporationClose Out 
88258PDFDel MontePear Halves-Heavy Syrup 15.25Z1215.25Z183Del Monte CorporationClose Out 
M06815PDFP/LBall Tip Stk 6Z Pan Fries Froz110#RW32Dilgard Fresh-Cut MeatsClose Out 
M06123N/AP/LCh Angus Whl Strip Ln Frzn 1Pc112# RW192Dilgard Fresh-Cut MeatsClose Out 
M07083N/AP/LBlack Angus Beef Patty 3-1 Frz110# RW30Dilgard Fresh-Cut MeatsClose Out 
M03011N/AP/LCubed Pork Loin Cc 8-1 Froz110# RW80Dilgard Fresh-Cut MeatsClose Out 
31587N/ADixie@Plastic Knife,Ind Wrp,Blk,Hvy11000CT1000Dixie Foodservice (Ga-Pacific)Close Out 
40091N/ADoleSliced Peaches 5+1110#160Dole Processed Foods Co.Close Out 
06202N/AGd Ol DaysCherry Cobbler-Ready To Bake25#160Dot Foods FrozenClose Out 
40958PDFCrspy FlrsDusted Chicken Wings-Mild35#25Dot Foods FrozenClose Out 
80711N/ABadiaSteak Seasoning-Canada Style628Z168Dot Foods - DryClose Out 
30746N/AAsian MenuOrange Ginger Sauce-All Nat21 GAL256Dot Foods - DryClose Out 
30618N/AEmi Yoshi@Catering Tray Lid-Clr,Dom,16"125 CT25Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
31258N/AWyott@Food Warmer-120V,12X271WARMER1Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
31259N/AWyott@Plate Adap-Fd Wrmr,3 7Qt Inst1PLATE1Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
30239PDFCarlisleRamekin-White Plastic,2Z172 CT72Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
30785N/ACarlisle@Dinner Plate-Clr,Petal,7.5"136 CT36Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
31538N/ACambroFood Pan-Poly,Clr,2.5Qt16 CT6Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
31539N/ACambro@Pan Lid-Poly,Clr,1/6 Size1LID1Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
31270N/AWinco@Food Pan-Poly,4",1/6 Size1PAN1Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
30762N/ACarlisle@Pastry Brush-Nylon,1.5"1BRUSH1Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
31550N/ACambro@Container Lid-Rose,For 6&8 Qt16 CT6Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
30221N/AMundial@Hamburger Turner-Wood Hnd 6X51TURNER1Dot Foods - E&SClose Out