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Vendor : Dot Foods - Dry       Results [120]
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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
R30696N/ACheesewich@Cheesewich-Salami Colby Jack642.5Z64Dot Foods - Dry 
R30650N/ACheesewich@Cheesewich-Mixed Master961 CT96Dot Foods - Dry 
R30033PDFCarolina@Turkey Breast-Deli Smoked29.5# RW304Dot Foods - Dry 
R30343PDFCarolina@Turkey Breast-Smoked Honey29.5# RW304Dot Foods - Dry 
R30001PDFDippinstix@Carrots & Ranch Dip362.75Z36Dot Foods - Dry 
R32104N/ASilk@Almond Milk-Unsweetened Esl6.5 GAL384Dot Foods - Dry 
R30164N/AEmmi-Roth@Havarti Cheese Slices .75Z42.5#212Dot Foods - Dry 
R33161N/ASargento@Slice Mozzarella-Wm Low Moist1230 CT360Dot Foods - Dry 
R50010PDFP/L@Provolone Cheese-Sliced .75Z81.5#252Dot Foods - Dry 
B04027PDFP/L@Feather Shred-Chedd/Mont Jack45#320Dot Foods - Dry 
R31603N/ARondele@@Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread22.5#160Dot Foods - Dry 
B04535PDFKaukaunaCheddar Cheese-Sharp Spread210#320Dot Foods - Dry 
31363N/AFaststart@Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bar1921.4Z193Dot Foods - Dry 
R31197PDFDippinstix@Sliced Apples & Caramel-2.75Z66 CT36Dot Foods - Dry 
R31198PDFDippinstix@Apple & Yogurt Fruit Dip66 CT36Dot Foods - Dry 
32093N/AWelch's@Fruit Snacks-Berries & Cherry1441.55Z144Dot Foods - Dry 
90135PDFP/LYellow Popcorn-Bulk150#50Dot Foods - Dry 
30982N/AP/L@Popcorn-Mini Max Kit 8Z368Z36Dot Foods - Dry 
31642N/AKettle Fds@Variety Pack 1.5Z Kettle Chip130 CT30Dot Foods - Dry 
31203N/AKettle Fds@Kettle Chip-Sea Salt 1Z Bags721Z72Dot Foods - Dry 
31204N/AKettle Fds@Kettle Chip-Backyard Bbq 1Z721Z72Dot Foods - Dry 
31206N/AKettle Fds@Kettle Chip-Ny Cheddar 1.5Z641.5Z64Dot Foods - Dry 
32206N/AKettle Fds@Sea Salt Potato Chip-13Z Bags1013Z130Dot Foods - Dry 
30659N/AKettle Fds@Kettle Chip-Jalapeno 1Z Bag721Z72Dot Foods - Dry 
31369N/AFieldstone@Nutty Buddy Bars-.67Z1224 CT288Dot Foods - Dry 
31370N/AFieldstone@Chocolate Marshmallow Pies168 CT128Dot Foods - Dry 
31371N/AFieldstone@Oatmeal Creme Pies-1.34Z824 CT192Dot Foods - Dry 
30695N/AHse Of Bee@Fortune Cookies1390 CT390Dot Foods - Dry 
31599PDFBeer Nuts@Original Peanuts-3Z Bag412 CT48Dot Foods - Dry 
N90090PDFP/LApplesauce-Sweetened2416.5Z396Dot Foods - Dry 
N94255PDFP/LSweetened Applesauce6#10648Dot Foods - Dry 
30090PDFMott's@Applesauce Cups-4Z172 CT72Dot Foods - Dry 
31333PDFSavor@Fruit Mix-In Light Syrup6#10704Dot Foods - Dry 
88254PDFP/LPear Halves-Light Syrup Import6#10636Dot Foods - DryClose Out 
N90960PDFP/L@Pineapple Tidbit-Nat Juice6#10636Dot Foods - Dry 
R50019PDFP/LRaisins-California Seedless110#160Dot Foods - Dry 
30530N/AP/L@Pinto Beans6#10666Dot Foods - Dry 
30588PDFP/L@Tiny Carrot (Baby) 260-320 Ct63 KG630Dot Foods - Dry 
32086N/AMancini@Pepper Strips-Red And Green6#10612Dot Foods - Dry 
30550PDFMancini@@Red & Yellow Peppers-Roasted1212Z144Dot Foods - Dry 
30684N/AP/L@Chopped Spinach-#10 Can6#10720Dot Foods - Dry 
30667N/AP/L@Diced Potatoes-#10 Can6#10720Dot Foods - Dry 
30246PDFWelch's@Apple Juice-10Z Plastic2410Z24Dot Foods - Dry 
30946PDFWelch's@Grape Juice-Sparkling White1225.4Z304Dot Foods - Dry 
30245PDFWelch's@Cranberry Juice-10Z Plastic2410Z24Dot Foods - Dry 
30244PDFWelch's@Grape Juice-10Z Plastic2410Z24Dot Foods - Dry 
30297PDFJuicyjuice@Juice Box-Berry 6.75Z48 CT32Dot Foods - Dry 
30270PDFJuicyjuice@@Juice Box-Peach Apple 6.75Z48 CT32Dot Foods - Dry 
30376PDFMott's@Clamato Juice1232Z384Dot Foods - Dry 
32089N/AWelch's@Orange Juice-100% 10Z Plastic2410Z24Dot Foods - Dry