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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
M07220N/AIn KitchenPork Shoulder Butt-B/I Frozen164# RW1024Indiana Packers CorporationOn Special 
N89661PDFCompanionsFoil-Standard Weight,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N85920PDFCompanionsFoil-Heavy Duty,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N88365PDFCompanionsFoil Wrap-Interfold,12"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N88915PDFCompanionsFoil Sheets-Quilted 9"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
M06697PDFRochesterMeatloaf With Vidalia Onions45#320Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06703PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 5-1115#75Rochester Meat CompanyOn SpecialClose Out
M06691PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 4-1115#60Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06773PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 3-1115#45Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06746PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 2-1308Z30Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06840PDFRochester3-1 Thunder Cloud Beef Patties455.33#45Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06658PDFRochester4-1 Thunder Cloud Beef Patties604Z60Rochester Meat CompanyOn SpecialClose Out
06232N/AP/L4-8Z Cod-Shatterpack-Pacific315#120Sleeping Giant, Inc.On SpecialClose Out
06294N/AAlyska16-32Z Pacific Cod Fillets S/P315#30Sleeping Giant, Inc.On Special 
05920PDFHigh LinerNordica Brd Haddock Tails 5Z110#32High Liner FoodsOn Special 
40456PDFFpCod Nuggets Natural Brd110#160High Liner FoodsOn Special 
06115PDFIcelandicEnglish Battered 2Z Cod Wedge110#80High Liner FoodsOn Special 
05817PDFIcelandicGuinness Btrd Cod Tender 1-2Z110#107High Liner FoodsOn Special 
06324PDFIcelandicPrem Maryland Crab Cakes 3Z19#48High Liner FoodsOn Special 
06191PDFP/LFlake Style Imit Crab Meat122.5#480Southstream SeafoodsOn Special 
90575PDFDrake'sCrispy Fry Mix412.5#800Drakes Batter Mix Co Fs/DOn Special 
83700PDFPaceMild Picante Sauce41 GAL512Campbell FoodserviceOn Special 
83410PDFPaceThick & Chunky Salsa-Mild41 GAL512Campbell FoodserviceOn Special 
82436PDFPaceEnchilada Sauce41 GAL552Campbell FoodserviceOn Special 
06193PDFCampbellReserve Creamy Broc Soup Rts44#256Campbell Foodservice FrozOn Special 
06142PDFCampbellReserve Chckn Noodle Soup Rts44#256Campbell Foodservice FrozOn Special 
05708PDFCampbellCream Of Potato Soup-Cond34#384Campbell Foodservice FrozOn Special 
86956PDFEmpressRoll Towel-1Ply,Nat,7.8X600'12ROLLS12Rj SchinnerOn Special 
86524PDFNovaDinner Napkin-1/4Fl,2Ply,17X1720200 CT4000Rj SchinnerOn Special 
86977PDFHeavensoftDinner Napkin-1/8Fl,2Ply,15X1730100 CT3000Rj SchinnerOn Special 
81500PDFP/LDeli/Bakery Tissue-12"X10.75"12500 CT6000Rj SchinnerOn Special 
80364PDFInteplastT Shirt Bag-White,"Thank You"11000 CT1000Rj SchinnerOn Special 
M06622PDFIbpGround Beef-Fine 80/20 Frozen410# RW640Unipro Boxed Beef-IbpOn Special 
L43108PDFKochFrz 8Pc 2.50-2.75# Cvp Chicken116 HD128Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
L43126PDFKochCvp 8Pc 3-3.25# Marinated Froz116 HD RW128Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
M06330PDFKochFrozen 6Z B/S Chicken Breast210#53Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special