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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
86838PDFPittHd Nat 30X37 20-30 Gal 12 Mic2025 CT500Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86998PDFPittHd Nat 33X40 33 Gal 12 Micron1025 CT250Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86928PDFPittHd Natural 38X60 60 Gal 16 Mic825 CT200Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86938PDFPittHd Nat 40X48 40-45 Gal 16 Mic1025 CT250Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
M06612N/A1St PlaceChop Mushroom Steak 4Z110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On SpecialClose Out
M06418PDF1St PlaceChop Mushroom Steak 8Z (105-2)110#20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06547PDFA-ZPizza Patty 3.45Z (140)19.5#44A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06461PDFA-ZPizza Patty 4.75Z (141)19.5#32A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06400PDFA-ZPizza Patty 4Z-Ch & Pepp (148)110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06504PDFA-ZBreaded Pizza Patty 4.4Z (296)18.25#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06455PDFA-ZBreaded Cheeseburger 6Z (297)126 CT26A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06697PDFRochesterMeatloaf With Vidalia Onions45#320Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06703N/ARochesterThe Cloud Burger 5-1115#75Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06691PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 4-1115#60Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06773PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 3-1115#45Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06746PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 2-1308Z30Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
M06689PDFRochesterVidalia Onion Burger 2/1208Z20Rochester Meat CompanyOn Special 
06294N/AAlyska16-32Z Pacific Cod Fillets S/P315#30Sleeping Giant, Inc.On Special 
90230PDFDei FrtlliSeasoned Diced Tomatoes6#10600Hirzel Canning Co (Unipro)On Special 
90240N/ADei FrtlliRustic Cut Tomatoes6#10600Hirzel Canning Co (Unipro)On Special 
87270PDFDei FrtlliTomato Soup1250Z12Hirzel Canning Co (Unipro)On Special 
88730PDFDei FrtlliMedium Salsa670Z420Hirzel Canning Co (Unipro)On Special 
06180PDFUniproWhole Green Beans Iqf122#384Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
05548PDFUniproBrussel Sprouts Medium Iqf122#384Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
06391PDFUniproBaby Whole Carrots Iqf122#384Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
06013PDFUniproCrinkle Cut Carrots-Medium Iqf130#480Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
06046PDFUniproGreen Peas Iqf130#480Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
05654PDFUniproGreen Beans-Regular Cut Iqf130#480Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
05539PDFUniproCalifornia Blend Iqf130#480Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn SpecialClose Out
M06980PDFChicago MtBeef Cubed Steak 4Z Frozen110#40Chicago Meat AuthorityOn SpecialClose Out
M06979PDFChicago MtBeef Cubed Steak 5.3Z Frozen110#30Chicago Meat AuthorityOn Special 
M06484PDFChicago MtRibeye Steak 5Z Frozen110# RW32Chicago Meat AuthorityOn Special 
M06811PDFChicago Mt18Z Porterhouse Gfi Frozen918Z RW9Chicago Meat AuthorityOn Special 
05912PDFKlostermanEnglish Muffins126 CT72Klosterman Baking Co, IncOn Special 
05942PDFKlostermanSplit Top Hoagie-Sliced, 6"68 CT48Klosterman Baking Co, IncOn Special 
06238PDFKlostermanTexas Sliced Potato Bread 18Sl110 CT180Klosterman Baking Co, IncOn Special 
06315PDFKlostermanWhole Wheat Sandwich Slenders818 CT144Klosterman Baking Co, IncOn SpecialClose Out
05993PDFPerdueTrky Roast Bnls Wt/Dk Raw Nttd210#RW320Perdue CorpOn Special 
06017PDFShenandoahBoneless/Skinless Turkey Thigh140#640Perdue CorpOn Special 
40732PDFPerdueFc Jmbo Stmd Chicken Wings110#160Perdue CorpOn Special 
05919PDFPerdueFoil Wrapped Turkey Breast210-11#RW320Perdue CorpOn Special 
43114PDFKoch8 Piece Chicken 3# Frozen114 HD RW112Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
L43126PDFKochCvp 8Pc 3-3.25# Marinated Froz116 HD RW128Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special