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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
M06460PDFFarmlandGm B/A Ground Chuck Patty 4Z110#40Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
M06456PDFFarmlandGm B/A Ground Chuck Patty 5.3Z110#30Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
M06458PDFFarmlandGm B/A Ground Chuck Patty 8Z110#20Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
M06320PDFFarmlandFc Smoked Pulled Pork25#160Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
M06615PDFFarmlandRoasted And Seared Pork Should25#160Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
M06586PDFFarmlandGm Dbl Smke Sngl Sl Bacon18-22115#300Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
M06660PDFFarmlandFully Cooked Slice Bacon 300Ct13.75#300Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
L03080PDFFarmlandSm Smoked Boneless Flat Ham212# RW352Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
L03090PDFFarmlandSm Smoked Boneless Round Ham213# RW440Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
L03410PDFFarmlandSm Smoked Boneless Pit Ham215# RW512Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
M06495PDFFarmlandBa 4-1 8 Inch Beef Franks110#40Farmland Foods, Inc.On Special 
87824PDFLitehouseSignature Swt Bbq Rib Sauce41 GAL512Litehouse FoodsOn Special 
87834PDFLitehouseSig Cherry Vinaigrette Drsng21 GAL256Litehouse FoodsOn Special 
R04265N/ALitehouseSig Ff Rasp Vinaigrette Drsng21 GAL256Litehouse FoodsOn Special 
R04486PDFLitehouseSignature Poppyseed Dressing41 GAL512Litehouse FoodsOn Special 
R04414PDFLitehousePrem Jalapeno Ranch Drssg/Sce21 GAL256Litehouse FoodsOn Special 
M06475N/AA-ZPork Schnitzel 4Z110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06513PDFA-ZCountry Fried Steak 3-1 (385)110#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06504PDFA-ZBreaded Pizza Patty 4.4Z (296)18.25#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06454N/AA-ZBreaded Cheeseburger,6.6Z125 CT25A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
M06417N/AA-ZChicken Parmesan Fillet,Brd,4Z110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.On Special 
06180PDFUniproWhole Green Beans Iqf122#384Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
06056PDFUniproBroccoli Florets Iqf122#384Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
05548PDFUniproBrussels Sprouts Medium Iqf122#384Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
06029PDFUniproCalifornia Blend Iqf122#384Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproOn Special 
R04380N/ALand O'lksCream Cheese Portion Cups-1Z1001Z100Land O'lakesOn Special 
85591PDFLand O'lksAlfredo Sauce-Pouch664Z384Land O'lakesOn Special 
94440PDFRed GoldKetchup-Upside Down Sqz Bottle1620Z16Red Gold, Inc. (Unipro)On Special 
85720PDFRed GoldFancy Ketchup (Bag In Box)13 GAL384Red Gold, Inc. (Unipro)On Special 
N89785PDFRed GoldPizza Sauce Fully Prepared6#10636Red Gold, Inc. (Unipro)On Special 
N89786PDFRed GoldPizza Sauce W/Basil6#10636Red Gold, Inc. (Unipro)On Special 
M06480N/AFisherHickory Smk Bacon 9/13 Bulk Fz130#330Fisher Packing CompanyOn Special 
M06477N/AFisherApplewood Smk Bacon 14/18 Bulk130#480Fisher Packing CompanyOn Special 
M06789PDFJohnsonvllUltimate Brats Pre-Cooked 5-1110#50Johnsonville Sausage LlcOn Special 
M05842PDFJohnsonvllUltimate Fc Ital Sausage 5-1110#50Johnsonville Sausage LlcOn Special 
M06770PDFJohnsonvllBrats 5-1 Sknls Ckd Roller Grl110#50Johnsonville Sausage LlcOn Special 
M06523PDFJohnsonvllAndouille Sausage25#40Johnsonville Sausage LlcOn Special 
80533N/APrime SrcHand Soap-Ltx Cl/Mld,Foam 120012 CT2Go-Jo IndustriesOn Special 
80534N/APrime SrcHand Soap-Ltx Antibac,Fm,120012 CT2Go-Jo IndustriesOn Special 
80633N/APrime SrcHand Soap-Adx Cl/Mld,Foam 125013 CT3Go-Jo IndustriesOn Special 
80634N/APrime SrcHand Soap-Adx Antibac,Fm,125013 CT3Go-Jo IndustriesOn Special 
L43108PDFKochFrz 8Pc 2.50-2.75# Cvp Chicken116 HD128Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
M06330PDFKochFrozen 6Z B/S Chicken Breast210#53Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
M43103PDFKochCvp Clipped Chicken Tenders Fz410#210Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special