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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
06175PDFHouse CutsSkin-On Lattice Chips55#400Lamb Weston Sales, IncOn Special 
40493PDFLamb WestnOven Roasted Potato Medley53#240Lamb Weston Sales, IncOn Special 
06147PDFSwt ThingsSweet Potato Seasoned Rib Cuts35#240Lamb Weston Sales, IncOn Special 
06073PDFTantalizerGourmet Brd Onion Rings 3/4"82#224Lamb Weston Sales, Inc AppOn Special 
05852PDFTantalizerBreaded Dill Pickle Spears44#208Lamb Weston Sales, Inc AppOn Special 
06041PDFTantalizerSweet Battered Corn Nuggets62#384Lamb Weston Sales, Inc AppOn Special 
05743PDFTantalizerItalian Brd Mozz Sticks 3.25"44#240Lamb Weston Sales, Inc AppOn Special 
06305PDFTantalizerBrd Cheddar Cheese Jalapenos44#240Lamb Weston Sales, Inc AppOn Special 
05945PDFTantalizerBreaded Cream Cheese Jalapenos44#240Lamb Weston Sales, Inc AppOn Special 
N89661PDFCompanionsFoil-Standard Weight,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N85920PDFCompanionsFoil-Heavy Duty,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N88365PDFCompanionsFoil Wrap-Interfold,12"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N88915PDFCompanionsFoil Sheets-Quilted 9"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
06134PDFIcelandicCountry Fry Cod Filet 3.75Z110#43High Liner FoodsOn Special 
05920PDFHigh LinerNordica Brd Haddock Tails 5Z110#32High Liner FoodsOn Special 
05817PDFIcelandicGuinness Btrd Cod Tender 1-2Z110#107High Liner FoodsOn Special 
06324PDFIcelandicPrem Maryland Crab Cakes 3Z19#48High Liner FoodsOn Special 
85302PDFSanfaconWet Naps-Scented,Moist Towelet11000 CT1000Saalfeld Paper CompanyOn Special 
80304PDFHospecoUrinal Screen-Cherry, Block112 CT12Saalfeld Paper CompanyOn Special 
86518PDFNovexDinner Napkin-1/4Fl,1Ply,17X1712250 CT3000Saalfeld Paper CompanyOn Special 
85692PDFImpct ProdHairnet-White,Boufant,Size 1810100 CT1000Saalfeld Paper CompanyOn Special 
88357PDFUnipro MrqHomestyle Seasoned Croutons42.5#160Sugar Foods CorpOn Special 
86428PDFUnipro MrqCrouton-Multi Grn Chse & Grlc42.5#160Sugar Foods CorpOn Special 
88865PDFFresh GrmtCrispy Onions-Lightyly Salted624Z144Sugar Foods CorpOn Special 
85447PDFSweetsourcYellow-Sugar Substitute20001 GM2000Sugar Foods CorpOn Special 
85448PDFSweetsourcPink-Sugar Substitute20001 GM2000Sugar Foods CorpOn Special 
92990N/AHighlandCorned Beef Hash1250Z600Vanee Foods CoOn Special 
30683PDFVaneePulled Pork In Broth-48Z648Z288Vanee Foods CoOn Special 
N92810PDFUnipro MrqRoasted Beef Gravy1250Z600Vanee Foods CoOn Special 
92810N/AHighlandRoasted Beef Gravy1250Z600Vanee Foods CoOn Special 
77714PDFGlossonPresoak-Solid Silver26#2All Chem SolutionsOn Special 
77004PDFGlossonFreezer Cleaner41 GAL512All Chem SolutionsOn Special 
77717PDFGlossonOven & Grill Cleaner-Bad Dog632Z192All Chem SolutionsOn Special 
N86971PDFCompanionsFoodservice Film-W/Zipsafe 12"1ROLL1Berry Global (Aep)On Special 
N92801PDFCompanionsFoodservice Film-W/Zipsafe 18"1ROLL1Berry Global (Aep)On Special 
M06480N/AFisherHickory Smk Bacon 9/13 Bulk Fz130#330Fisher Packing CompanyOn Special 
M06477N/AFisherApplewood Smk Bacon 14/18 Bulk130#480Fisher Packing CompanyOn Special 
85690PDFCellucapPaper Hat-Blue Stripe,Adjustbl10100 CT1000Cellucap/MelcoOn Special 
N85821PDFFischerDoggie Bag-White,Paper,5X3X121500 CT500Fischer Paper ProductsOn Special 
L43108PDFKochFrz 8Pc 2.50-2.75# Cvp Chicken116 HD128Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
M06330PDFKochFrozen 6Z B/S Chicken Breast210#53Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
M43103PDFKochCvp Clipped Chicken Tenders Fz410#210Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
L43104PDFKochCvp Cut Jumbo Wings Frozen140#240Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
85293PDFZephyrJanitor Broom-5 Sew,Hvy Duty1BROOM1Zephyr ManufacturingOn Special