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Promotional Items       Results [39]
Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
89075PDFBlack StarLl Blk 24X32 12-16 Gal .35 Mil1050 CT500Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
90133PDFVu-ThruLl Clr 30X36 20-30 Gal .45 Mil1025 CT250Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86436PDFShark SkinLl Gray Slim Jim 29X44 1 Mil1010 CT100Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86452PDFVu-ThruLl Clr 33X39 33 Gallon 1.3 Mil525 CT125Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
89698PDFMighty TghLl White 33X39 33 Gal .75 Mil1015 CT150Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86477PDFVu-ThruLl Clr 40X46 40-45 Gal 1.3 Mil1010 CT100Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
90232PDFPittLl Blue 40X46 40-45 Gal 1.2Mil1100 CT100Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
88524PDFEco StrongLl Black 38X58 60 Gal 1.35 Mil1010 CT100Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
90101PDFEco StrongLl Black 38X58 60 Gal 1.7 Mil1010 CT100Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86838PDFPittHd Nat 30X37 20-30 Gal 12 Mic2025 CT500Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86998PDFPittHd Nat 33X40 33 Gal 12 Micron1025 CT250Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86928PDFPittHd Natural 38X60 60 Gal 16 Mic825 CT200Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
86938PDFPittHd Nat 40X48 40-45 Gal 16 Mic1025 CT250Pitt PlasticsOn Special 
80173PDFCompanionsGloves-Latex,Powdered,Wht,Lg10100 CT1000HandgardsOn Special 
81591PDFCompanionsGloves-Vinyl,Powder Free,Med4100 CT400HandgardsOn Special 
81592PDFCompanionsGloves-Vinyl,Powder Free,Large4100 CT400HandgardsOn Special 
81593PDFCompanionsGloves-Vinyl,Powder Free,X-Lrg4100 CT400HandgardsOn Special 
N89661PDFCompanionsFoil-Standard Weight,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N85920PDFCompanionsFoil-Heavy Duty,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N88365PDFCompanionsFoil Wrap-Interfold,12"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
N88915PDFCompanionsFoil Sheets-Quilted 9"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of AmericaOn Special 
77706PDFGlossonSanitizer-Quaternary (Quatsan)41 GAL512All Chem SolutionsOn Special 
77707PDFGlossonD-Scale Lime & Scale Remover41 GAL512All Chem SolutionsOn Special 
77717PDFGlossonOven & Grill Cleaner-Bad Dog632Z192All Chem SolutionsOn Special 
89630PDFSantiagoSeasoned Refried Beans630.9Z504Basic American FoodsOn Special 
N90945PDFBafPotato Pearls-Extra Rich63.5#1888Basic American FoodsOn Special 
86170PDFBafPotato Pearls-Excel1228Z1824Basic American FoodsOn Special 
86171PDFBafNature's Own Mashed Potatoes1029.3Z400Basic American FoodsOn SpecialClose Out
N86971PDFCompanionsFoodservice Film-W/Zipsafe 12"1ROLL1Berry Global (Aep)On Special 
N92801PDFCompanionsFoodservice Film-W/Zipsafe 18"1ROLL1Berry Global (Aep)On Special 
06376PDFBridgfordOld South Buttermilk Biscuits1201Z120Bridgford FoodsOn Special 
40443PDFBridgfordOld South Bttrmlk Bscuit 2.251100 CT100Bridgford FoodsOn Special 
05818PDFBridgfordSweet Yeast Steak House Rolls2401.5Z240Bridgford FoodsOn Special 
92200PDFCattlemensClassic Bbq Sauce41 GAL512French's FoodserviceOn Special 
30222PDFCattlemensHot & Spicy Bbq Sauce41 GAL512French's FoodserviceOn Special 
30153PDFCattlemensCarolina Tangy Gold Bbq Sauce41 GAL632French's FoodserviceOn Special 
L43108PDFKochFrz 8Pc 2.50-2.75# Cvp Chicken116 HD128Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
L43126PDFKochCvp 8Pc 3-3.25# Marinated Froz116 HD RW128Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special 
M43103PDFKochCvp Clipped Chicken Tenders Fz410#210Unipro Chicken--KochOn Special