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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
06308PDFBonici16" Par-Bkd Pizzeria Thn Crust120 CT20Tnt Crust LlcClose Out 
40921N/ATyson6Z Sknl Chckn Brst-Mrntd-Bulk25#27Tyson Food ServiceClose Out 
05951PDFTyson R LFc Hot+Spicy Brd Breast Flt 4Z25#40Tyson Food ServiceClose Out 
C88699PDFWrghts Mil1.75Z Original Blend Coffee1201.75Z120Red Diamond, IncClose Out 
M06303N/AA-ZSuper Juicy Burger Patty 2-1115#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
M07202PDFA-ZTexas Style Pork Rib 2X2 (250)112#192A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
M06475PDFA-ZPork Schnitzel 4Z110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
86848PDFSweet BabyJamaican Jerk Wing Sauce464Z256Ken's Foods, Inc.Close Out 
M06704PDFRochesterGround Beef Patty 5-1 Wide 80%503.2Z50Rochester Meat CompanyClose Out 
M06703PDFRochesterThe Cloud Burger 5-1115#75Rochester Meat CompanyClose Out 
06232N/AP/L4-8Z Cod-Shatterpack-Pacific315#120Sleeping Giant, Inc.Close Out 
40404PDFDawn FoodsMuffin Batter-Banana Nut19#144Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
N86406PDFR&HFudgie Brownie Mix66#576Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
40389PDFChef FranFrench Onion Soup44#512Kraftheinz FrozClose Out 
80331PDFKraftFat Free French Pc601.5Z60Kraftheinz Dry/RefClose Out 
06013PDFUniproCrinkle Cut Carrots-Medium Iqf130#480Seneca Foods-Frozen-UniproClose Out 
06300PDFBurkeSriracha Sausage-Cooked Nugget25#160Burke CorporationClose Out 
M06531PDFTenn PrideWhole Hog Sausage Patty 3.2Z112#60Con Agra Foods-FrozenClose Out 
05936N/AGlacialis16-32 Fas Cod Fillets S/P314#28Isi Seafood, IncClose Out 
89188PDFSmurft/StnPizza Box-Wht/Krft, 20X20X2150 CT50Saalfeld Paper CompanyClose Out 
80153PDFWestern PlSteam Pan Cover-Full Size150 CT50Saalfeld Paper CompanyClose Out 
77727PDFGlossonHand Soap-Tidyfoam Antimicrob61000 ML6All Chem SolutionsClose Out 
88811PDFRegistrollRgstr Tape-Carbls,2Ply,3"X100'310 CT30National Checking CompanyClose Out 
40092PDFPubhouseGldn Ale 8.5Z Beer Btrd Hddck110#19Trident Seafoods CorpClose Out 
05524PDFP/LBaby Whole Carrots Iqf122#384Bonduelle Usa Inc-UniproClose Out 
30355PDFClr ValleyCanola Oil-High Oleic135#35Cargill-Dressings,Sauces & OilClose Out 
06556PDFCostanzo'sClassic Small Sandwich Roll,3"812 CT96Costanzo's Bakery, Inc.Close Out 
30239PDFCarlisle@@Ramekin-White Plastic,2Z172 CT72Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
30130PDFRedco@Replacement Blade-Grill Tnder16 CT6Dot Foods - E&SClose Out 
30249PDFFabri-Kal@Cup Lid-Trans,Fits 16/20Z10100 CT1000Fabri-KalClose Out 
80180PDFFischerPizza Bag-White,Plain,12X1511000 CT1000Fischer Paper ProductsClose Out 
80183PDFFischerPizza Bag-"Fresh/Hot",19X2X24"1500 CT500Fischer Paper ProductsClose Out 
89158PDFGenpakCookie Tray-Bake N Show,12"1100 CT100Genpak CorpClose Out 
89159PDFGenpakCtr Lid-Cookie Tray,Clr,12"1100 CT100Genpak CorpClose Out 
R34367PDFGielowSandwich Strip 3/16"-Crinkle12 GAL265Gielow Pickles, IncClose Out 
80469PDFReliableHand Soap-Antimicrobial,Foam31250 ML3Go-Jo IndustriesClose Out 
80634PDFPrime SrcHand Soap-Adx Antibac,Fm,125013 CT3Go-Jo IndustriesOn SpecialClose Out
80145PDFHoneymoonSteam Pan Carrier-Half Size150 CT50Honeymoon Paper ProductsClose Out 
85215PDFHoneymoonWindow Box-White,9X4, 25X3,.5"1150 CT150Honeymoon Paper ProductsClose Out 
85230PDFHoneymoonCake Box-Window,Full Sheet125 CT25Honeymoon Paper ProductsClose Out 
85223PDFInno-PakBakery Box-Window,10"X8"X4"1100 CT100Innovative Packaging, IncClose Out 
85235PDFPactivContainer Lid-Dome,Square,8"1252 CT252Pactiv CorpClose Out 
85217PDFPactivCtnr Lid-Cake,Clr,Dome,1/4 Sht1100 CT100Pactiv CorpClose Out 
89157PDFPactivCtr Lid-Catering Tray,Dome,18"150 CT50Pactiv CorpClose Out 
89151PDFPactivCatering Tray Lid-Clr,Dome,16"150 CT50Pactiv CorpClose Out 
85202PDFPactivCake Circle-Foam,9"1500 CT500Pactiv CorpClose Out 
89128PDFElkay PlasPoly Bag-Clr,Wicketed,12X16X411000 CT1000R3 IndianapolisClose Out 
85225PDFPrime SrcPoly Bag-Bakery,1Ml 5.5X4X29"11000 CT1000R3 IndianapolisClose Out 
86875PDFP/LGlassine Bag-6X3.5X1311000 CT1000R3 IndianapolisClose Out 
87051PDFAcsGriddle Screens-Aluminum Oxide1020 CT200Rj SchinnerClose Out