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Brand: Campbell       Results [12]
Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
80420PDFCampbell@Cream Of Chicken-Healthy Soup1250Z600Campbell Foodservice 
30420PDFCampbellCream Of Mushroom Soup1250Z12Campbell Foodservice 
30003PDFCampbell@Tomato Soup1250Z600Campbell Foodservice 
30007PDFCampbell@Cream Of Celery Soup1250Z12Campbell Foodservice 
88015PDFCampbellTomato Juice485.5Z48Campbell Foodservice 
06193PDFCampbellReserve Creamy Broc Soup Rts44#256Campbell Foodservice Froz 
40549PDFCampbell@Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup34#384Campbell Foodservice Froz 
40387N/ACampbell@Chckn Tortilla Soup-Cond34#384Campbell Foodservice Froz 
40191N/ACampbell@Creole Chicken Gumbo34#381Campbell Foodservice Froz 
06142PDFCampbell@Reserve Chckn Noodle Soup Rts44#256Campbell Foodservice Froz 
05708PDFCampbellCream Of Potato Soup-Cond34#384Campbell Foodservice Froz 
40392N/ACampbell@Vegtrn Garden Veg Soup-Cond34#384Campbell Foodservice Froz