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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
40281PDFChili BowlHomestyle Chili W/O Beans65#480Ajinomoto Windsor Inc 
05923PDFWhitey'sOriginal Chili45#320Ajinomoto Windsor Inc 
05750PDFJtmCraft Beer Cheese Dip45#320Jtm Provisions Co, Inc.On Special 
05751N/AJtm@Queso Blanco Sauce45#3201Jtm Provisions Co, Inc. 
80295PDFPioneerInstant Base For Cream Soup Mx1214Z168Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
N85985PDFPioneerOriginal Au Jus Gravy Mix122.75Z33Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
N88110PDFPioneerOld Fashioned Bisc Gravy Mix624Z144Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
N88955PDFPioneerOrig Country Style Gravy Mix624Z144Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
30725PDFPioneerPeppered Old Fash Gravy Mix624Z144Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
80294PDFPioneerCountry Skillet Cream Gravy624Z144Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
N78220PDFPioneerOriginal Brown Gravy Mix613Z78Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
80566PDFPioneerInstant Brown Gravy Mix126.5Z78Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
88220PDFPioneerRoast Beef Gravy Mix613Z78Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
84720PDFPioneerMinute Mix Cheese Sauce Mix832Z256Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
N78501PDFPioneerOriginal Chicken Gravy Mix614Z84Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
N84680PDFPioneerOriginal Pork Gravy Mix611.3Z67Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
N84450PDFPioneerOriginal Turkey Gravy Mix611.3Z67Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
80296PDFPioneerAlfredo Sauce Mix-Dry616Z96Ch Guenther & Son,Inc. 
80431PDFChef's OwnChicken Base Flavor-Granules121#192Custom Culinary,Inc. 
R04146PDFMaster'sBeef Base-No Msg61#3840Custom Culinary,Inc. 
R04143PDFMaster'sBeef Base Tub-No Msg120#12800Custom Culinary,Inc. 
R04106PDFMaster'sChicken Base-No Msg61#3840Custom Culinary,Inc. 
30835N/AGen Mills@Pepper Biscuit Gravy Mix624Z144General Mills Bakeries & Fs 
87270PDFDei FrtlliTomato Soup1250Z12Hirzel Canning Co (Unipro) 
06152PDFChef FranTomato Bisque Soup Gf44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
N06139PDFChef Fran@Boston Clam Chowder44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40807N/AChef Fran@Beef + Barley Soup44#256Kraftheinz Froz 
40390PDFChef FranBroccoli Cheese Soup W/Floret44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40947N/AChef Fran@O.F. Chicken Noodle Soup44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40008PDFChef Fran@Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup48#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40788N/AChef Fran@Vegetable Beef Barley Soup44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
06209PDFChef FranLmbrjck Mixed Veg Soup44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40923N/AChef Fran@Cajun Chkn&Sausage Gumbo48#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40465PDFChef FranChicken & Dumpling Soup44#2561Kraftheinz Froz 
40389PDFChef FranFrench Onion Soup44#512Kraftheinz FrozClose Out 
N05721PDFChef FranCream Of Potato W/Bacon Soup44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
05816PDFChef Fran@Cream Of Potato Soup44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
N06016PDFChef Fran@Wisconsin Cheese Soup44#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40948N/AQlty Chef@@Dumplings In Chckn Broth48#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40773N/ATrue Soups@Bttry Grld Chs Tomato Soup44#256Kraftheinz Froz 
40369N/ATrue Soups@Clam Chowder Rtu48#512Kraftheinz Froz 
40103PDFTrue Soups@Mushroom & Brie Bisque44#256Kraftheinz Froz 
40781N/ATrue Soups@Spring Asparagus Soup48#512Kraftheinz Froz 
93165PDFHeinzCream Of Mushroom Soup1249.5Z594Kraftheinz Dry/Ref 
P04700PDFSandridge@Clam Chowder28#256Sandridge Food Corporation 
86230PDFHighlandBeef Broth1249Z588Vanee Foods Co 
91400PDFHighlandChicken Broth1249Z588Vanee Foods Co 
87666PDFHighlandCream Of Mushroom Soup-Cond1250Z600Vanee Foods Co 
87671PDFHighlandCream Of Chicken Soup-Condense1250Z600Vanee Foods Co 
30094PDFHighland@Chili Con Carne With Beans6#10648Vanee Foods Co