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Category : Entrees       Results [36]
Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
06121PDFKettle ColArtsn Mac&Chs W/Vermont Chddr63#288Tyson Prepared Foods 
05870PDFPapetti@Frd Egg Patty W/Blk Ppr 1.5Z1168 CT168Michael Foods, Inc 
05801PDFKraftMacaroni & Cheese Pouch367Z36Kraft Foods, Inc. 
05809PDFKraftPrem Macaroni+Cheese Dinner 7Z367Z36Kraft Foods, Inc. 
40485PDFAward@Stuffed Cabbage Rolls492Z48Con Agra Foods-Frozen 
86710PDFUnipro MrqChicken & Dumplings1248Z576Vanee Foods Co 
N92990PDFUnipro MrqCorned Beef Hash1252Z12Vanee Foods Co 
30683PDFVaneePulled Pork In Broth-48Z648Z288Vanee Foods Co 
40380N/AAnytm Deli@Turkey Bacon Club Flatbread109.09Z10Advancepierre Foodservice 
40257N/AAnytm Deli@Cold Cut Combo109.09Z14Advancepierre Foodservice 
40421N/AFstr Frms@Maple Pancake Wrap562.85Z56Foster Farms 
40655PDFFernandos@Breakfast Burrito Ssg,Egg,Chs190 CT90Foster Farms 
40609PDFFstr Frms@Pancake Wrp Savsage-Blvebrry156 CT56Foster Farms 
40255N/AJimmy Dean@Bacon Breakfast Bowl87Z8Sara Lee Meats 
40602PDFJimmy Dean@Crsnt Sausage,Egg+ Chs Sndwch124.9Z12Sara Lee Meats 
40603PDFJimmy Dean@Bsct Sausage Egg+Chs Jbo Sand124.9212Sara Lee Meats 
40669PDFJimmy Dean@Cndn Bcn,Egg,Chs+Muffin 4.1Z124.1Z12Sara Lee Meats 
40668PDFJimmy Dean@Ham,Egg,Cheese Crssnt Sndwch123.9Z12Sara Lee Meats 
40236N/ACampbell@Salisbury Stk W/Grvy Entree44.3#48Campbell Foodservice Froz 
40768PDFCampbell@Vegetable Lasagna492Z368Campbell Foodservice Froz 
40349PDFCampbell's@Lasagna With Meat And Sauce46#384Campbell Foodservice Froz 
06293PDFSunny FrshIqf Scrambled Egg Patty1001.5Z100Cargill Kitchen Solutions 
40023N/AGrnd Prrie@Breakfast Bowl 6Z15CT15Dot Foods Frozen 
40179N/ACrrngtn@Hmstyl Cornbread Stuffing47#448Dot Foods Frozen 
40427N/ARaybern@@Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich85.5Z8Dot Foods Frozen 
40524N/ASmucker@Uncrustable Pb & Grp Jelly722.6Z72J M Smucker Company 
30947PDFChef-Mate@Chili Con Carne-No Beans6106Z636Nestle' Professional 
87475PDFChef-MateHotdog Chili Sauce With Beef696Z576Nestle' Professional 
40314N/AStouffers@Green Pepper Steak44.5#288Nestle/Stoufer Fs/F 
40769PDFStouffers@Chkn Fettuccine473Z292Nestle/Stoufer Fs/F 
40565PDFStouffersMacaroni & Cheese498Z392Nestle/Stoufer Fs/F 
40770N/AStouffers@Broccoli Chs Rice Casserole494Z376Nestle/Stoufer Fs/F 
40015PDFStouffer's@Cheesy Potato Bake W/Bacon476Z304Nestle/Stoufer Fs/F 
40118N/AHot Pocket@Chicken Melt244Z24Nestle/Stoufer Fs/F 
40052N/ASweet Strt@Spinach Feta Pretzel 5Z485Z48Sweet Street Desserts 
30336PDFLegout@Corned Beef Hash-Classic1251Z612Unilever Foodsolutions