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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
30235N/APitt@Ice Bag-Print,1.5Ml,10#,12X2111000 CT1000Pitt Plastics 
89075PDFBlack StarLl Blk 24X32 12-16 Gal .35 Mil1050 CT500Pitt Plastics 
90133PDFVu-ThruLl Clr 30X36 20-30 Gal .45 Mil1025 CT250Pitt Plastics 
86436PDFShark SkinLl Gray Slim Jim 29X44 1 Mil1010 CT100Pitt Plastics 
86452PDFVu-ThruLl Clr 33X39 33 Gallon 1.3 Mil525 CT125Pitt Plastics 
89698PDFMighty TghLl White 33X39 33 Gal .75 Mil1015 CT150Pitt Plastics 
86477PDFVu-ThruLl Clr 40X46 40-45 Gal 1.3 Mil1010 CT100Pitt Plastics 
90232PDFPittLl Blue 40X46 40-45 Gal 1.2Mil1100 CT100Pitt Plastics 
88524PDFEco StrongLl Black 38X58 60 Gal 1.35 Mil1010 CT100Pitt Plastics 
90101PDFEco StrongLl Black 38X58 60 Gal 1.7 Mil1010 CT100Pitt Plastics 
86838PDFPittHd Nat 30X37 20-30 Gal 12 Mic2025 CT500Pitt Plastics 
31007N/APitt@Liner-Clear,36X58 .7 Mil 55Gl1010 CT100Pitt Plastics 
86998PDFPittHd Nat 33X40 33 Gal 12 Micron1025 CT250Pitt Plastics 
86928PDFPittHd Natural 38X60 60 Gal 16 Mic825 CT200Pitt Plastics 
86938PDFPittHd Nat 40X48 40-45 Gal 16 Mic1025 CT250Pitt Plastics 
88014PDFHandgards@@Steam Pan Liner-Half,24X171250 CT250Handgards 
31142N/AZipgards@Freezer Bag-2.7 Mil,Quart1500 CT500Handgards 
30234N/AHandgards@Freezer Bag-Hi Dns,Roll,10X1411000 CT1000Handgards 
81594PDFCompanions@Gloves-Latex,Powder Free,Med4100 CT400Handgards 
30605PDFCompanions@@Gloves-Latex,Powdered,Medium4100 CT400Handgards 
80173PDFCompanionsGloves-Latex,Powdered,Wht,Lg10100 CT1000Handgards 
30601PDFCompanions@Gloves-Vinyl,Powdered,Medium4100 CT400Handgards 
30602PDFCompanions@@Gloves-Vinyl,Powdered,Large4100 CT400Handgards 
81591PDFCompanionsGloves-Vinyl,Powder Free,Med4100 CT400Handgards 
81592PDFCompanionsGloves-Vinyl,Powder Free,Large4100 CT400Handgards 
81593PDFCompanionsGloves-Vinyl,Powder Free,X-Lrg4100 CT400Handgards 
31291N/ACompanion@Gloves-Latex,Powder Free,Lg4100 CT400Handgards 
31095PDFHandgards@Gloves-Blk,Nitrile,P/Free,Lrg10100 CT1000Handgards 
31108PDFHandgards@@Gloves-Blu,Nitrile,P/Free,Lg4100 CT400Handgards 
31109N/AHandgards@Gloves-Latex,Powder Free Sm4100 CT400Handgards 
31112N/AHfa@Pie Pan-Aluminum,9"1200 CT200Handi Foil Of America 
30378N/AHfa@Loaf Pan-Foil,17X20X22,5#1250 CT250Handi Foil Of America 
89099PDFCompanionsFoil-Standard Weight,12X 1000'1ROLL1Handi Foil Of America 
N89661PDFCompanionsFoil-Standard Weight,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of America 
N85920PDFCompanionsFoil-Heavy Duty,18"X500'1ROLL500Handi Foil Of America 
N88365PDFCompanionsFoil Wrap-Interfold,12"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of America 
N88915PDFCompanionsFoil Sheets-Quilted 9"X10.75"6500 CT3000Handi Foil Of America 
85312PDFDawn FoodsLoaf Pan-1.5# Foil Aluminum1500 CT500Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
85003PDFP/L@8.13X8.75X3.5 Clr Hnged Cntnr1200 CT200Dawn Food Products,Inc 
85310PDFP/LClr Dome Deep-9" Cake W/Base1100 CT100Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
85311PDFDawn Foods1/4 Sheet Hi Dome-Black Base150 CT50Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
85004PDFDdaDonut Box-10X6.5X3.5 "Deserve"1200 CT200Dawn Food Products,Inc 
87094PDFDawn FoodsParchment Triangles-Baking1500 CT500Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
85226PDFDawn FoodsPoly Bag 5" X 5" X 30"11000 CT1000Dawn Food Products,IncClose Out 
30382PDFDawn Foods@Pan Paper-News Print11670 CT1670Dawn Food Products,Inc 
31170N/AHoneymoon@Pie Box 8X8X1.5250BOX1Saalfeld Paper Co. Special Ord 
31173N/ADanco@Butcher Paper 24"X1000Ft1ROLL1Saalfeld Paper Co. Special Ord 
89116PDFImpact ProSoap Dispenser-Clearvu, 30Z1DSPENSER1Saalfeld Paper Company 
30011N/ADd Bean@Matchbook-White,20 Sticks4050 CT2000Saalfeld Paper Company 
N86780PDFSpring GrvStirrer/Sip Stik-Red/White,5"101000 CT10000Saalfeld Paper Company