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Brand: 1St Place       Results [23]
Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
M06778PDF1St PlaceChuck Pot Roast Ckd Chef Style211# RW352Dan's Prize,Inc. 
L03154PDF1St PlaceBacon 15# Bulk 14/18115#240Indiana Packers Corporation 
M43154N/A1St PlaceBacon-Bulk 14/18 Frozen115#240Indiana Packers Corporation 
M06792PDF1St Place3-1 Chopped Beef Oval110#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06418PDF1St PlaceChop Mushroom Steak 8Z (105-2)110#20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06616PDF1St PlaceBeef Patty 2-1 Oval (702)110#20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06722PDF1St PlaceBeef Patty 3-1 Round (703)110#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06745PDF1St PlaceBeef Patty 4-1 Round (704)110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06664PDF1St PlaceBig D-Licious Patty 2-1 (902)110#20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06507PDF1St PlaceGround Beef Patty 5-1 (165-Dr)110#50A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06805PDF1St PlaceSausage Patty 10-1 (247-D)110#100A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06474PDF1St PlaceJumbo Pork Fritter 7.5Z (281W)113.5#27A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
06312PDF1St PlaceCooked Pork Topping-Small 3/1625#160Burke Corporation 
M06817PDF1St PlaceBall Tip Stk Indv Vac, 5Z Frz110#RW32Dilgard Fresh-Cut MeatsClose Out 
M06548PDF1St PlaceBeef Cubed Steak 4Z B/A Frozen110# RW40Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M07140PDF1St PlaceBeef Cubed Steak 5Z B/A Frozen110# RW32Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06960PDF1St PlaceBf Cubed Stk 6Z Blk Angus 4Pm110# RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07155PDF1St PlacePork Chop 8Z 4Pm110# RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07197PDF1St PlacePork Chop 8Z 2 Per Vac Pak 4Pm110# RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06889PDF1St PlacePork Chop 10Z French Cut 4Pm110#RW16Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M06569PDF1St PlacePork Cutlet 8Z Cubed,Frozen110# RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M06312PDF1St PlacePork Loin 5Z Cubed Cc Frozen110#RW32Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M06813PDF1St PlacePork Loin 6Z Cubed Cc Frozen110#RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats