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Item # Brochure Brand Description Pack Size Portions Vendor  
M06778PDF1St PlaceChuck Pot Roast Ckd Chef Style211# RW352Dan's Prize,Inc. 
M06560PDF1St PlaceCooked Corned Beef-Flat,Halved26# RW192Dan's Prize,Inc. 
L03154PDF1St PlaceBacon 15# Bulk 14/18115#240Indiana Packers Corporation 
M07032PDF1St PlaceWafer Sli Ribeye 4Z 234 Frozen112#48A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06434PDF1St PlaceBf Tndrloin Flt Migon 8Z (207)110# RW20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06792PDF1St Place3-1 Chopped Beef Oval110#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06612N/A1St PlaceChop Mushroom Steak 4Z110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc.Close Out 
M06418PDF1St PlaceChop Mushroom Steak 8Z (105-2)110#20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06616PDF1St PlaceBeef Patty 2-1 Oval (702)110#20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06722PDF1St PlaceBeef Patty 3-1 Round (703)110#30A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06745PDF1St PlaceBeef Patty 4-1 Round (704)110#40A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06664PDF1St PlaceBig D-Licious Patty 2-1 (902)110#20A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06507PDF1St PlaceGround Beef Patty 5-1 (165-Dr)110#50A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06474PDF1St PlaceJumbo Pork Fritter 7.5Z (281W)113.5#27A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
M06805PDF1St PlaceSausage Patty 10-1 (247-D)110#100A To Z Portion Meats, Inc. 
06312PDF1St PlaceCooked Pork Topping-Small 3/1625#160Burke Corporation 
M06817PDF1St PlaceBall Tip Stk 5Z Pan Fries Frz110#RW32Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M06548PDF1St PlaceBeef Cubed Steak 4Z B/A Frozen110# RW40Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07162PDF1St Place@Bf Cubed Steak 5Z Black Angus111.25#RW36Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M07140PDF1St PlaceBeef Cubed Steak 5Z B/A Frozen110# RW32Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06960PDF1St Place@Bf Cubed Steak 6Z Black Angus110# RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M06820PDF1St PlaceBeef Cubed Stk 6Z Ba Frozen110#RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06569PDF1St Place@Bf Cubed Steak 7Z Black Angus111# RW25Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07088PDF1St Place@Select 8Z Delmonico Steaks208Z RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06987PDF1St Place@Delmonico Steak 10Z Select110# RW16Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06990PDF1St Place@Delmonico Steak 12Z Select110.5# RW14Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07095PDF1St Place@12Z Choice Delmonico Steaks110# RW14Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06657N/A1St Place@16Z Choice Delmonico Steaks1016ZRW10Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M06550N/A1St Place@4Z Cubed Tnder Tails Tray Pac110#RW40Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07148PDF1St Place@Strip Loin Stk 8Z Sel Bulk Vc110# RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06660PDF1St Place@Strip Loin Steak 12Z Select112# RW16Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07149N/A1St Place@Choice 10Z Strip Loin Steaks1010ZRW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06992PDF1St Place@Usda Choice Strip Ln Stk 12Z110.5# RW14Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06602PDF1St Place@Usda Choice T-Bone Steak 12Z112#RW16Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07135PDF1St Place@T-Bone Steak 12Z Select Frozn112# RW16Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07138PDF1St Place@T-Bone Steak 16Z Select112# RW12Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07073PDF1St Place@Usda Choice Bf Tenderloin 6Z110# RW26Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07015N/A1St Place@6Z Choice Bulk Vac Bf Tend St110#RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06892N/A1St Place@4Z Beef Tenderloin Stkbulkvac110#RW40Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06890N/A1St Place@6Z Beef Tenderloin Stkbulkvac110# RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06888PDF1St Place@8Z Beef Tenderloin Stk Bulk V110# RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06557PDF1St Place@Filet Mignon 8Z Bacon Wrapped110#RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07096PDF1St Place@Beef Petite Tenders 5Z1 10# RW32Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06698PDF1St Place@Beef Petite Tenders 6Z110#RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
M06551N/A1St PlaceBeef Petite Tenders 6Z Frozen110#RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06933PDF1St Place@Beef Petite Tenders 6Z Bcn Wp110#RW27Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06935PDF1St Place@Beef Petite Tenders 8Z Bcn Wp110#RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06983PDF1St Place@Usda Choice Top Sir Butt 8Z110#RW20Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L07094PDF1St Place@Usda Choice Top Sir Butt 10Z1610ZRW16Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats 
L06582PDF1St Place@Bourbon Bf Sirloin Steak 10Z110# RW16Dilgard Fresh-Cut Meats